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Business litigation brought against Safeway for certain fees

On Behalf of | Oct 28, 2019 | Business Litigation

The popular supermarket chain Safeway is facing legal complications after a disgruntled customer pointed out an extra fee charged to him at a Portland location. The store was advertising bottles of wine for $3.33, but the customer found that the store charged him an extra 3 cents at checkout. Now the company is dealing with business litigation through a class action lawsuit over unfair charges and supposed hidden fees.

In a statement from the man’s attorney, he claims that a new tax passed along to bigger companies operating in the city was in turn passed down to unaware customers. The Portland Clean Energy Initiative went into effect at the beginning of this year, and the Oregon man claims Safeway is trying to avoid these fees by charging customers more. This allegedly includes charging more at checkout than the advertised or posted prices in the store.

The intent of this specific tax is to raise fees for clean energy projects and the creation of jobs. The lawsuit states that Safeway tried to gain an advantage over other companies by charging customers these fees instead of paying them out of company profit. The company can charge any fee to customer, but it must reflect those charges in the prices listed in the store.

Business litigation can cost a company time and a significant amount of money, even for a large company like Safeway. When a business is in this position, it has the right to dispute these charges and pursue a beneficial outcome. At this point, it could be practical for Safeway to start exploring ways to confront allegations brought in a class action claim.