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Oregon health care center facing business litigation

On Behalf of | Nov 25, 2019 | Business Litigation

An employee of Unity Center for Behavioral Health in Portland has filed a lawsuit against his employer over concerns about employee safety. He initiated business litigation against the company after claiming he experienced retaliation for reporting safety violations at his place of work. He has been an employee of the Legacy Health system since 1986, and he transferred to Unity Center in 2017.

Shortly after he was transferred to the Unity Center, he says he became concerned about employee safety. One of the complaints he filed was to the Oregon Occupational Safety and Health Administration because of assaults against both patients and staff members, including himself. He filed five complaints over a period of nine months, and he states that his employer retaliated against him for speaking out.

Health care can be a dangerous industry in which to work. It is in the interests of employers in this field to have clear policies in place regarding patient safety and worker safety. In response to the lawsuit filed by the disgruntled employee, Legacy Health states that it is committed to the safety and well-being of each person who works there.

Business litigation can arise out of situations where employees feel unsafe or notice circumstances that could result in their personal harm. Oregon employers facing civil claims have the right to fight back and confront any allegations brought forward by a claimant. Businesses can be assertive to protect their financial and legal interests, and work for a satisfactory conclusion to any type of lawsuit brought against a company.