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Alleged overcharging leads to business litigation

On Behalf of | Jan 13, 2020 | Business Litigation

Ruby Receptionists, a company that offers phone-answering services to other clients, finds itself facing legal complications after being accused overcharging its customers. The company disputes the claims, saying that it makes its policies very clear to clients before establishing a business relationship with them. Business litigation for this company could be costly as it is facing a $30 million lawsuit.

The lawsuit specifically states that the company overcharged 18,000 clients by more than $30 million, claiming that the company did not fully disclose its practices before charging for time spent on the phone with clients. The plaintiffs also claim that the Oregon company charged clients for time spent on hold. While defending the way it bills clients, the company offered to settle the matter about charging for hold time for $350,000.

The litigation started in 2017, but the claims have taken awhile to make their way through the lower civil courts. There are both active state and federal claims against the company. At this point, the federal case is likely to go to trial. The company is facing serious and expensive complications, but any business has the right to defend itself against any allegations. Company owners and leaders would be wise to start thinking about potential defense strategies.

Oregon businesses do not have to face business litigation alone. They can confront the charges made and fight for a beneficial outcome. In some cases, it may be optimal to try and reach an out-of-court resolution. An assessment of the individual situation can help an Oregon company see the optimal way forward.