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Business litigation initiated after Oregon farm left short-handed

On Behalf of | Jan 20, 2020 | Business Litigation

A hemp farm in Oregon has taken legal action after a company that was contracted to harvest the product did not show up and do the job. The hemp farm initiated business litigation, suing for millions of dollars after a co-op allegedly failed to meet its contractual obligations. The co-op was comprised of a group of harvesters and processors that connected with the farm through social media.

The lawsuit is against three different companies and four individuals. Reportedly, none of the parties came to the hemp farm and assisted or worked as part of the harvesting process, even though they were paid six figures. The amount sought through lawsuit amounts to $11 million. According to the claim, the co-op sent two notes to the farm stating it would pay back a specific amount of the money given to the co-op, though this never occurred.

There are allegations of breach of contract, fraud and unlawful business practices. It is also claimed that during an attempt to collect money from the co-op, things became physical. This case underscores the importance of strong business contracts when entering into any type of partnership with another party. Failure to adhere to the terms of a business agreement could be grounds for legal action.

Business litigation is an option for an Oregon company that has incurred monetary damages as a result of fraud or breach of contract. Through a lawsuit, it may be possible to recoup financial losses, compel the other party to meet contractual obligations and more. The specific remedies available depend on the details of the specific situation, the terms of the contract and other factors.