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Hotel facing business litigation over alleged discrimination

On Behalf of | Jan 6, 2020 | Business Litigation

An Oregon Marriott location is dealing with legal trouble after a woman was asked to sign a certain waiver upon check-in. The woman filed a lawsuit after the front desk attendant asked her to sign a form that she claims white guests were not required to sign. This was a document saying that the guest assumed responsibility for any damage caused by guests visiting the room. The hotel is now facing business litigation over alleged discrimination.

The woman was visiting family and checked into the hotel for five nights. She says that an employee and the hotel manager required her to sign a “no party” form before she could complete the check-in process. They assured her that this was standard for all guests, but she claims they did not require white guests to do the same.

After going to her room, she says that she decided to go to the lobby to watch other guests checking into the hotel. According to her account, white guests checking in after her were not asked to sign the no-party form. She claims that the incident made her feel embarrassed and stigmatized. At this time, there has been no statement from the specific Oregon hotel location about the incident. 

Discrimination is a serious allegation, and businesses should take these incidents seriously. However, they also have the right to defend themselves against various types of business litigation. Due to the complicated and sensitive nature of cases involving discrimination, a business owner will find it beneficial to work closely with an experienced attorney throughout the process.