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Walk through the business formation process or buy a franchise?

On Behalf of | Feb 9, 2020 | Business Formation

Many people want to work for themselves by starting their own business. However, the business formation process is complex, and it’s hard to get a new venture off the ground. For this reason, some budding entrepreneurs in Oregon may find it beneficial to buy a franchise as well. Moving forward with either process is a major decision, and it’s important to understand the legal and financial implications of both.

One of the most complex aspects of franchising is the financing. It can require large sums of money to buy a franchise, and financing is often crucial to making this process happen. One of the benefits of a franchise is that it doesn’t require starting from scratch, and an entrepreneur can simply work off the existing business model, branding and marketing. This can be easier in some ways, especially since an owner will not have to establish any name recognition as this is already done.

Entrepreneurs often want to work for themselves because they have their own ideas and want to create new things. There is not a lot of room for this in franchising. Even after purchasing a franchise, it is likely that certain rules will have to be followed and standards set by the controlling company adhered to. For some, this is a drawback.

Whether it’s franchising or starting a business, there are important factors to consider. A prospective owner or entrepreneur will find it beneficial to seek guidance in either the business formation process or financing process. An Oregon attorney experienced in business can law can be an invaluable ally during this time.