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Oregon ski resort facing business litigation after 2 fatalities

On Behalf of | Mar 2, 2020 | Business Litigation

An Oregon ski resort is facing a serious lawsuit after two guests died on the same day. The families of both of the deceased have moved forward together with legal action, suing for $30 million in a wrongful death claim. There is a lot on the line for this ski area, and it will be important to explore options through which to confront this business litigation.

In their lawsuit, the families of one skier and one snowboarder claim that the Mt. Bachelor ski area did not properly warn guests of tree well hazards after three weeks of steady snowfall. These are voids that can form below trees in times of heavy snow, and people can fall into them. These accidents can be fatal as the snow will come down on a skier who is trying to get out of the void.

Tree well hazards are a natural occurrence, and the families say that authorities should have known of the risks after receiving so much snow in the area. They claim that proper warnings about potential falls, entrapment and suffocation could have prevented these deaths. People often prefer to ski in fresh, loose powder, and that is often in areas where there are trees.

Business litigation can be financially devastating. While these deaths are tragic, the owners or operators of this ski area may want to consider how to minimize the damage and prevent exorbitant financial loss. When there are millions on the line and the reputation of an Oregon business at stake, it is worthwhile to allow an experienced attorney to provide guidance during this time.