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Business litigation over raids conducted at Oregon hemp companies

On Behalf of | May 5, 2020 | Business Litigation

A hemp business in Oregon has filed a lawsuit against two different counties over a raid on their company property and the handling of confiscated product. The company moved forward with business litigation because it claims police took legal hemp products and then destroyed them. The claim is seeking $2.5 million in damages and compensation.

Oregonized Hemp Co. LLC is a hemp farming and farm service company. The raid began with a search by law enforcement in a greenhouse leased by the company. The claim states that authorities in both Josephine and Jackson counties violated civil rights and failed to adhere to due process standards. The warrant served during the search said police were looking for marijuana, but did not give permission for police to seize legal industrial hemp.

The Oregon hemp company states it lost around 5,000 pounds of hemp plants, amounting to not less than $2 million of product. The seized product contained low amounts of THC, making it legal industrial hemp according to legal standards. This is a devastating financial blow for the business, especially because it cannot get the product back. Law enforcement destroyed all of it the day after the raid.

A business owner has the right to take action against parties that violate civil rights and cause financial harm to a company, even if it is the local government. Business litigation is complex, but it is sometimes necessary to protect the financial interests of a business. With much at stake, it is worthwhile to work with an experienced legal professional.