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How breweries may need to adjust certain contracts going forward

On Behalf of | May 19, 2020 | Contracts

Small businesses in Oregon and across the country are looking forward to reopening, and some will have to adjust to new operating standards and procedures in light of public safety. One important consideration is a potential adjustment to some contracts, particularly for small businesses such as breweries. As taprooms get ready to welcome customers again, there are specific legal issues that should addressed in order to avoid potential problems in the future.

Breweries rely heavily on relationships with suppliers, but it may be impossible or impractical to meet the terms of the contract under current circumstances. Thanks to the unprecedented nature of the current global crisis, there may be problems as both parties struggle to resume operations. A renegotiation may be the best way to reach terms that are reasonable and enforceable under current circumstances. This can help breweries conserve resources and limit risk during a complex period.

Business contracts are legal tools that can benefit a business when utilized properly. It is appropriate to revisit these agreements, especially when both parties are dealing with unforeseen and complex circumstances. Other legal matters to consider is the potential adjustment of employment contracts for returning staff and possible legal releases for patrons visiting the brewery.

Contracts and other legal issues should not be overlooked during this time. Oregon breweries may find it helpful to speak with an attorney about concerns specific to that type of business. Taking this time to do this can help prevent problems that may cost time and money in the event of an unexpected complication or potential lawsuit.