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June 2020 Archives

Is networking always valuable?

Your business is more than the products and services you provide; it is the association that people have with your brand. You build your brand both in how you provide for your clients and in the confidence other providers have in your services.

Business litigation involving hazelnut processor and large co-op

An Oregon hazelnut processor is asking for compensation and damages from a large co-op over what it claims is a breach of contract. The Hazelnut Growers of Oregon cooperative is named in a lawsuit filed by Pacific Hazelnut Farms for failing to honor several specific terms in their agreement. Business litigation is appropriate when a company suffers financial harm after another party fails to adhere to the particulars of a contract.

Business formation for the good of the United States

Starting a small business is not only a good step for those who want to work for themselves, but it can also be good for the country as a whole. With much of the United States still facing shutdowns and slow reopenings, Oregon entrepreneurs may feel hesitant to start the business formation process right now. However, there are many reasons this may actually be a good time to move forward. 

Choosing the right structure during business formation

When starting a business, there are many decisions that an Oregon owner has to decide regarding taxes and finances. One of these decisions is determining the structure of the company, a choice that will impact certain aspects of operations for years to come. Before making this decision during business formation, it is beneficial to carefully research implications and benefits of different structure options.

A strong approach against business litigation is necessary

When it comes to the financial stability and long-term well-being of an Oregon company, an owner will want to do everything possible to fight back. A strong approach is especially important in cases involving the potential for business litigation. A lawsuit represents the potential remedy for financial loss and other problems, and a business would be wise to take steps to reach a satisfactory conclusion as soon as possible. A business has the right to fight back against allegations of breach of contract and other types of wrongdoing.

Business formation in a time of uncertainty

It's always a complex process to start a business, but it can be especially complicated in a time where sickness, social unrest and economic uncertainty dominate the headlines. Some Oregon entrepreneurs may be tempted to hold off on their plans because of all these things, but this may be a good time for business formation. Some of the strongest and most successful companies were started in recessions, and they have found ways to survive and thrive in difficult times.

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