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Month: June 2020

Is networking always valuable?

Your business is more than the products and services you provide; it is the association that people have with your brand. You build your brand both in how you provide for your clients and in the confidence other providers have in your services.Networking can be a...

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Is it time to renegotiate partnership percentages?

Starting your business was simultaneously exciting and nerve-wracking. At the time, you were thankful to have a partner by your side to help you focus on the business and to share the responsibilities.Often, what starts as an equal partnership can change over the...

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Is my time too valuable for that?

Running a business always comes with undesirable tasks. You may accept them as part of owning a business, but in some cases, it is more cost-efficient to hire a specialist.Whether you have recently opened your business or have been building your company for years,...

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