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Business and commercial law: Handling partnership disputes

On Behalf of | Aug 4, 2020 | Business & Commercial Law

At the beginning stages of an Oregon business, two or more people may be working together. It is common for partners to launch a commercial operation together, using their unique talents to build something that is successful and profitable. However, creative, financial and ideological differences can mean that partners no longer work well together, and partnership disputes are business and commercial law issues that can affect the entire business.

When two partners are no longer able to work together, it impacts the entire company. These types of issues are more than just interpersonal problems. There are significant legal and financial issues at hand, especially when the two partners want to go separate ways. It is crucial to work with an experienced attorney when navigating these concerns as this will help protect the interests of both parties and ensure the company’s continued operations.

Partnership disputes can be much more complex than simply two people who do not get along. There can be allegations of defamation, breach of contract issues, misuse of intellectual property and more. While litigation is sometimes the only appropriate way to resolve these matters, with the right help, these disputes may be handled through arbitration or mediation. The end goal will be to protect the interests of the business. 

Resolving partnership disputes is not always easy. It may require the assistance and support of an experienced business and commercial law attorney at the first sign of a problem. With guidance, it is possible for an Oregon business owner to protect his or her interests and preserve the company. When these types of problems arise, it may help to start simply by seeking an evaluation of the case and assessment of the legal options available.