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Why customer service is an important factor in business

On Behalf of | Sep 8, 2020 | Uncategorized

Owning and operating a business involves numerous challenges, many of which rest on the risks you face. While you might worry about managing your workforce and establishing your brand, the service you provide can significantly affect your ongoing success.

Providing quality customer service can challenge entrepreneurs, especially those with limited resources. Yet, regardless of whether you need to determine which structure is best or regroup after a business interruption, it’s necessary to understand the importance of how you regard those in need of your product or service.

Quality interactions: what the numbers suggest

Influential companies often keep their target market at the center of their decisions. No matter your sales forecast, you would be wise to continually improve upon customer service.

Small businesses are tasked with developing brand loyalty. As such, the reasons for focusing on customer relations include:

  • More than 80% of companies that invest in their customers’ happiness report continuing growth.
  • On average, consumers share negative brand experiences nearly twice as often as those that are positive.
  • Americans are willing to pay up to 17% more to purchase a product from a company whose reputation includes excellent service.
  • Emotional connections with consumers account for competitor outperformance of 85%.
  • The main reason consumers shop elsewhere is because of a lack of customer appreciation.

Prompt, professional responses to customer concerns could also minimize potential legal disputes.

Rebranding during recovery

Unfortunately, current events forced multiple small businesses to close their doors while many companies left the downtown business district. However, not all local businesses that remain have an assurance of a competitive advantage as the city recovers.

Although you might be in business by yourself, your efforts should not appear to be strictly for yourself. During these unprecedented times, communities must come together to initiate change.

It’s possible that factoring Portland’s unique culture into your business strategy could be more than a way to support locals’ response to recent unrest. It could also be a way to rebrand your organization as one that genuinely cares about those your business aims to serve.