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Handling legal challenges as a construction company owner

On Behalf of | Nov 4, 2020 | Business & Commercial Law

If you run a construction company, you probably have many different issues to think about on a regular basis, from financial concerns to completing projects on time and dealing with problems involving workers. However, when litigation and other legal difficulties arise, construction company owners often become especially stressed out and it is crucial to review your rights and relevant laws. Whether you are facing litigation due to a dispute with a property owner or subcontractor, it is vital to understand your options and protect your interests.

Unfortunately, lawsuits can have a very damaging effect on some construction companies.

Understanding the unique nature of your construction lawsuit

For starters, every construction lawsuit is different and the right approach varies from one case to the next. You need to pore over the individual aspects of your case and have a firm understanding of your options, rights and responsibilities. For example, if you are a primary contractor and you want to file a complaint against a subcontractor due to a contract breach, there are time limits in place. According to the Construction Contractors Board, contractors have to file a complaint within 14 months or two years, depending on the circumstances of the case.

Understanding the impact of construction litigation

If your construction company is taken to court, the impact could affect the future of your business in many ways. Aside from a shattered reputation, you could face high levels of stress and damaging financial penalties due to the case. You need to prepare for court and take steps to minimize the toll of construction litigation.