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How to form a corporation in Oregon

On Behalf of | Mar 15, 2021 | Business Formation

If you have decided that a corporate structure makes sense for your business, your next step is to form an Oregon corporation. You must abide by all reporting requirements to keep your corporation in good standing with the state.

Review the process of creating a corporate entity in Oregon.

File Articles of Incorporation

This legal document to establish your corporation must include the following information:

  • The name of your corporation, which must be unique and include the words or abbreviations for limited, corporation, company or incorporated
  • Your business address
  • The name and contact information for your registered agent, a person who agrees to accept service of process for your business at an address within the state
  • The name and address of your director or authorized representative, initial secretary, and president
  • The name, address and signature of each person incorporating the business
  • The number of stock shares you will issues

You can file the Oregon Articles of Incorporation either through the mail or online and must include a $100 filing fee.

Assemble your board of directors

Your incorporators appoint the first directors of your corporation. At the first shareholder meeting, your shareholders will elect the next group. You must file a list of your directors’ names and addresses with the state.

Each year, you must file an annual report with the Oregon Secretary of State by the anniversary date when you started your corporation. You can submit this information online along with the filing fee of $100 for a corporation within Oregon and $275 for a corporation headquartered within another state.