Month: May 2021

What is “termination for convenience?”

What is “termination for convenience?”

Securing a contract is a noteworthy event in the life of any business in Oregon. This is especially true if your company's new contract is with a government partner. Such entities typically offer greater stability than businesses in the private sector. Therefore, some...

How do you navigate a breach of contract?

A few months ago, you entered an exciting contract with a business partner, employee or vendor. The business relationship started well, but now, you feel the other party violated your agreement. Chron provides insight into how to handle contract violations. Learn how...

What is trade secret protection?

As an up-and-coming business owner, entrepreneur or content creator of any sort, it is important to protect what makes your work unique. You can go about this in many ways, such as filing for patents or copyright. But what about trade secret protection? Though it gets...

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