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Tips on negotiating a sustainable contract

On Behalf of | Dec 16, 2021 | Contracts

Whether in the realm of business or some other area, a strong and fair contract benefits all parties. A poorly conceived contract or one that includes an imbalance of terms favoring one party can prove unsustainable in the long run.

While you want to protect your interests, a fair contract strengthens your position in many ways.

The value of negotiating skills

Business News Daily states that individuals negotiating a contract or a business deal should, as much as possible, set aside personal concerns. A contract remains a business proposition and getting emotional could lead to a poor outcome. You should approach a contract negotiation with your eyes wide open and following a few proven principles:

  • Do not assume you know more than you do
  • Take your time and consider all the pertinent information
  • Broker a fair deal that results in a win-win situation
  • Listen to all points of view and ask open-ended questions

Asking questions that result in a simple yes or no answer does not further dialogue. By asking the right questions you learn more about the other party. This also allows you to present your side and provide information that enables fair negotiations.

The importance of avoiding mistakes

During a contract negotiation, it helps to control the narrative. Allowing the other party to make the first offer can put you in a defensive position. This can make it harder to get back to the items you prefer.

Also, avoid vague and unclear positions that confuse the other party. A direct approach provides clarity and could help you avoid a breach of contract later down the road.