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What are social media mistakes that could cause legal trouble for a business?

On Behalf of | Feb 27, 2022 | Business & Commercial Law

Social media platforms are more than just an instant connection to a worldwide audience. They are a tool for businesses of all sizes to communicate with customers and market their products.

Sponsored posts and influencer marketing are two activities under constant scrutiny by the Federal Trade Commission. There are several mistakes that could cause legal troubles for a business owner as there are numerous liabilities associated with postings and a business account.

Common legal mistakes

Business owners rely on strong visuals to attract attention to their products or services, but great care will help avoid mistakes with copyright infringement, slanderous statements or influencer involvement. It is easy to post a photo or re-post an image shared by one of the page’s followers, but without the right permissions, violations occur against a number of privacy and copyright privileges. Additionally, not recognizing the contribution of a paid influencer could lead to punitive actions. Influencers must mark their posts as sponsored material by the company or as an exchange of free goods or services.

Employee monitoring complications

An employee’s social media activity is also a concern for business owners, though great care needs to occur when hiring and firing policies incorporate these activities. Any connection between an employee’s use of social media and their employment position could be grounds for liability against the company. Discriminatory remarks, harassment, defamatory statements and confidentiality breaches lead to legal problems.

Your liability protection strategy should extend to social media usage. Failing to recognize the dangers of a simple mistake could lead to devastating legal consequences.