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Leveraging business contracts to your advantage

On Behalf of | Apr 29, 2022 | Business & Commercial Law, Business Formation

Business contracts can prevent a number of costly problems and protect your company from lawsuits. Understanding the value of a written contract can help you leverage these agreements to your advantage.

Writing customized contracts and updating them over time will enable you to build sustainable business relationships. Functional agreements can facilitate success and encourage growth in your company.


Word-of-mouth agreements might feel fine when you trust someone, but you never know how things could change. For example, people might forget or disagree later on. Changes in the relationship may cause people to turn on each other. Substantial increases in profit could trigger greed and unethical practices. Then there is the chance that people slack on their responsibilities and do not uphold their end of the bargain.

A well-written business contract can significantly reduce each of these risks. A formal, legally binding, contractual agreement allows you a place to define expectations, outline disciplinary policies and clarify the terms of the relationship. A formal document provides a reliable point of reference for both parties if questions arise. If you encounter a disagreement that culminates in court, having a contract to substantiate your claims can provide considerable support.


Business growth requires the contributions of a lot of people. Collaborating with other professionals enables you to draw upon resources and competencies that your entity may lack. According to The Business Times, well-written contracts can facilitate growth in terms of revenue and diversification.

Maintaining contractual relationships requires you to periodically assess each relationship’s value and function. As circumstances change, you might need to update your contracts to keep their content aligned with your business goals and objectives.