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What can happen if a delivery goes wrong?

On Behalf of | Oct 18, 2022 | Business & Commercial Law

If you own a business and are in charge of its operations, then you probably understand how important logistics are for your company’s success. Plenty of delivery services can help your business ship goods with ease.

However, things can still go wrong. Have you ever had a package get lost or not arrive on time? Maybe a driver made a mistake, or the truck broke down? Or perhaps something damaged the product before it made it to its destination? These problems can lead to legal issues between you and your client, so it is important that you know how the process works.

Your client may reject the delivery

When a delivery issue violates a contractual agreement, your client may reject whatever you delivered. Your client needs to let you know about this within a reasonable timeframe. He or she will be responsible for keeping the product in good hands until you take it back. You can give instructions on how to care for the product, but you must reimburse your client for any expenses that come with that care.

Your client may accept the delivery

Your client also has the option to accept some or all of your product despite any problems with the delivery. When this happens, your client will have to pay you the contract rate. This transaction is irrevocable as long as your client is aware of the problems beforehand.

You should not let a bad delivery ruin you. Knowing your rights and obligations should help you get over this hurdle and move on with your business.