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What use are employee handbooks?

On Behalf of | Oct 31, 2022 | Business Formation

No one wants to end up dealing with a potential court case. Prevention is one of the best ways to cut down on the chance of ending up entangled in litigation.

An employee handbook is one of the best tools of prevention available. It can help a business obtain its objectives, and could even keep it out of court.

What to include

Forbes discusses the overall importance of employee handbooks in any workplace. These books exist as a way to present a comprehensive guideline to employees while also protecting a business against any potential claims of unfair treatment or discrimination.

These handbooks should include general information about the company, including the mission statement and any company values. They outline business policies, benefits packages, the state or federal laws the business adheres to, and more.

These handbooks should get updated somewhat regularly in order to keep up with the changing state and national laws, as well as the values and direction of the company.

What to do with a handbook

All future and current hires should read the handbook after it is created and implemented. They should also sign an affidavit stating that they read the handbook, which the employer can then store elsewhere for future reference in case it is needed.

This document should be distinct from the employment contract offered to workers upon their entrance into the company. It is important for employers to cover all necessary points in their handbook, which may require working with others such as a legal team to make sure all bases are covered.