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What makes an effective employee handbook?

On Behalf of | Dec 20, 2022 | Employment Law

An important step in the employee onboarding process is ensuring that every new employee reads and understands the employee handbook.

There are many common mistakes that business owners make when drafting employee handbooks. When writing a handbook for your company, focus on these key aspects.

Concise language

Avoid overwhelming employees with unnecessary details. You might consider having variations on your employee handbook for different departments so employees do not need to read pages of rules and instructions that do not apply to them.

Clarity is important, but you should also avoid being too rigid in your policies and procedures. Do not spell things out in so much detail that you leave no room for discretion or common sense.

Frequent updates

Company expansion, changes in leadership and updated employment laws are just a few reasons you might need to update your employee handbook. It is important that all of your employees have access to the most recent version of the handbook.

Effective communication

Putting the handbook in an employee’s hand is only the first step. Although you might expect your employees to read the handbook, the reality is that some employees may not read the document thoroughly. It is wise to verbally communicate your policies to your employees and ensure that they know whom to approach with questions.

Company culture

Your handbook should reflect your company culture. There are many employee handbook templates available online, but a generic template can not accurately represent your company’s values. Although it may take more time and effort to draft a handbook that is unique to your company, it can save you time and money in the long run by giving employees a clearer understanding of your company culture, mission and expectations.

An effective employee handbook is a valuable resource for your employees.