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Business and commercial law: Handling partnership disputes

At the beginning stages of an Oregon business, two or more people may be working together. It is common for partners to launch a commercial operation together, using their unique talents to build something that is successful and profitable. However, creative, financial and ideological differences can mean that partners no longer work well together, and partnership disputes are business and commercial law issues that can affect the entire business.

Business and commercial law help for breach of contract issues

Contracts are some of the most important and useful tools available to Oregon businesses. These agreements can be beneficial for establishing good relationships with employees, protecting interests in various types of transactions and much more. Breach of contract is more than just an inconvenience, and it exposes a business to the possibility of financial loss and legal complications. These are potentially complex business and commercial law issues that should not be handled alone.

Confronting allegations of age or disability discrimination

Oregon employees have the right to a workplace that is free from inappropriate treatment and aggressive behavior. Allegations of age or disability discrimination in any type of business are serious, and owners would be wise to handle these situations carefully. There is a lot at stake, including the possibility of expensive litigation, loss of reputation and other complications. 

COVID: Oregon small business owners respond

Oregon small business owners are being supported through the COVID-19 pandemic by the Oregon Small Business (SBDC) Network. Are you among the many small business owners struggling to stay afloat during this unprecedented situation? If so, you may want to consider a few ideas that could help you and your business become more resilient and adaptable.

Business and commercial law considerations for a economic shift

It's impossible to predict the future or know what will happen in the comings months and years, but there are steps business owners can take that will help them prepare well for the future. One of these things is to get ready for an economic shift that could come. Through certain measures, such as having experienced business and commercial law guidance, an Oregon business can secure its interests and avoid potential problems. 

Business and commercial law considerations for small companies

Starting a small business requires an entrepreneur to make many important legal and financial decisions that will impact the course of the business for years to come. According to the Small Business Administration, approximately 50% of Americans are involved in a small business, which amounts to around 30 million businesses. Before a person joins these numbers, he or she would be wise to consider what business and commercial law guidance is necessary to lay the groundwork for long-term success.

Business and commercial law decisions: Contracts with NDAs

Small business owners in Oregon are smart to take steps to protect their legal and financial interests as much as possible. One way to do this is by drafting strong contracts with employees. For some types of companies, it can be beneficial to include nondisclosure terms or have separate NDAs for workers. Business owners may want to speak with an attorney experienced in business and commercial law regarding these important matters.

Oregon employment law gives recourse to those unfairly paid

Pay inequity is not a new issue, and many have been fighting for equal pay for decades. For example, it is common for a woman to earn 20 cents less than a man in the same position doing the same work. Lawmakers in Oregon recently passed a comprehensive employment law that holds employers accountable when they use race, gender or other protected classes as an excuse to pay unfair wages.

Tips for a smooth transaction when selling a business

Many Oregon business owners may be considering making a change in the New Year. Whether they plan to retire, move on to new ventures or let go of a struggling company, they have decided to sell their business. Selling a business is not as easy as it sounds, and those facing this decision may have many questions and concerns about how to make the transaction a profitable and positive experience.

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