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What happens if a dentist is reported to the Board of Dentistry?

Health care providers can spend years in school, going through internships and additional training, only to start practicing their craft and have it taken from them in a blink of an eye. Not all health care providers should be practicing, but there are plenty of good people who chance losing their licenses and livelihoods if a patient files a complaint with the state board. What happens if a dentist is reported to the Oregon Board of Dentistry?

Business litigation involving hazelnut processor and large co-op

An Oregon hazelnut processor is asking for compensation and damages from a large co-op over what it claims is a breach of contract. The Hazelnut Growers of Oregon cooperative is named in a lawsuit filed by Pacific Hazelnut Farms for failing to honor several specific terms in their agreement. Business litigation is appropriate when a company suffers financial harm after another party fails to adhere to the particulars of a contract.

A strong approach against business litigation is necessary

When it comes to the financial stability and long-term well-being of an Oregon company, an owner will want to do everything possible to fight back. A strong approach is especially important in cases involving the potential for business litigation. A lawsuit represents the potential remedy for financial loss and other problems, and a business would be wise to take steps to reach a satisfactory conclusion as soon as possible. A business has the right to fight back against allegations of breach of contract and other types of wrongdoing.

Business litigation over raids conducted at Oregon hemp companies

A hemp business in Oregon has filed a lawsuit against two different counties over a raid on their company property and the handling of confiscated product. The company moved forward with business litigation because it claims police took legal hemp products and then destroyed them. The claim is seeking $2.5 million in damages and compensation.

Defending Oregon companies against business litigation

When a business is facing the threat of legal action, it represents the possibility of financial loss and other complications. It is important for an Oregon company to defend itself against business litigation, fighting back against allegations and working to minimize the potential consequences. There are many reasons why a business could be subjected to litigation.

Oregon ski resort facing business litigation after 2 fatalities

An Oregon ski resort is facing a serious lawsuit after two guests died on the same day. The families of both of the deceased have moved forward together with legal action, suing for $30 million in a wrongful death claim. There is a lot on the line for this ski area, and it will be important to explore options through which to confront this business litigation. 

Restaurant facing business litigation over harassment allegations

When an Oregon business faces allegations of wrongdoing or a formal lawsuit, this represents the threat of significant financial loss and complications that may affect future operations. Business litigation is serious, especially when it involves allegations of sexual harassment in the workplace. A Medford-area restaurant is dealing with a lawsuit filed by a federal agency over the way the owners allegedly treated employees.

Cannabis company facing fines and potential business litigation

Cannabis is a big industry in Oregon, and one of the leading cannabis companies in the state is facing expensive fines and legal complications due to what some consider questionable business practices. Business litigation and penalties from the state government can happen when there are preventable issues that could mislead or cause consumers harm. In this case, Cura Cannabis was accused of mislabeling certain vaping products it produces and distributes.

Business litigation initiated after Oregon farm left short-handed

A hemp farm in Oregon has taken legal action after a company that was contracted to harvest the product did not show up and do the job. The hemp farm initiated business litigation, suing for millions of dollars after a co-op allegedly failed to meet its contractual obligations. The co-op was comprised of a group of harvesters and processors that connected with the farm through social media.

Alleged overcharging leads to business litigation

Ruby Receptionists, a company that offers phone-answering services to other clients, finds itself facing legal complications after being accused overcharging its customers. The company disputes the claims, saying that it makes its policies very clear to clients before establishing a business relationship with them. Business litigation for this company could be costly as it is facing a $30 million lawsuit.

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