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Specific types of contracts for specific types of employees

Oregon business owners understand there are various challenges associated with running a successful company. One of those challenges is dealing with the legal requirements that business owners have to address in order to protect the interests of their companies. This includes drafting strong and enforceable employee contracts. 

Contracts may allow franchisor to make sweeping changes

Franchise law in Oregon and elsewhere can result in dissension and litigation between the parties. Franchise agreements are contracts and as such are governed by contract law. The agreement provides for the use of the franchisor's brand and products by the franchisee. The franchisor usually exerts strong control over the franchisee under the contract because the franchisor wishes to maintain a systematic way of making, marketing preserving and selling its brand. 

Could using plainer language prevent litigation of contracts?

Oregon business owners need solid relationships in order for their companies to reach their full potential. Few companies can operate in a vacuum, and at some point, they will need to enter into contracts with others in order to conduct their business in a way that fosters success. The problem is that the language in those agreements can easily lead to litigation if the parties fail to understand their obligations.

Contracts made for software and hardware are difficult to reject

Nearly all local county and city governments in Oregon and nationwide have by now switched to some form of a digital system of data retrieval and storage. For example, the old ways of having clerks type massive deeds by hand into heavy, burdensome record books are dead. Now vendors offer contracts where they provide high-tech scanning, indexing, and retrieval functions in one package of software.                                              

Some contracts in business can be set up for repeated uses

It is common sense that a business owner in Oregon should have a battery of business agreements to use for various situations that come up in the course of doing business. Contracts are something in which an experienced business law attorney excels. Whenever possible, obtain the attorney's expertise when attempting to draft agreements in the business. After all, the professional processing of business transactions is a win-win proposition which leads logically to increased business for the company.

Contracts fail to keep businesses fully informed of their duties

The courts in Oregon are kept busy with a wide variety of contract disputes between business entities. One type of dispute involving contracts is over royalty payments. Generally, when one business provides a product for promotion and sale to another company, the first business is entitled to a royalty on the sales of those products by the second business.

Contracts are necessary between influencers and businesses

Traditional mass marketing tools are being bypassed to some extent in Oregon and nationwide with respect to business marketing trends. The social medial platforms, with their increasingly sophisticated methods of digital marketing, are becoming more popular and more prominently used. With this trend, it is necessary for companies to consult with experienced business law and ecommerce attorneys to assure that the relationships with the so-called influencers are governed by secure, protective legal contracts.

Contracts can provide for arbitration of workers' disputes

The validity and enforcement of arbitration clauses in contracts has been a volatile issue in business litigation courts in Oregon and the rest of the country. Such clauses come up in a number of contexts. Some are inserted in credit card contracts to compel consumers to arbitrate disputes rather than sue the company. They exist widely in contracts between businesses, calling for arbitration instead of litigation.

Contracts disputes over research mice are going to arbitration

Oregon is a state where research facilities engage in a wide variety of scientific inquiries. Many medical research projects traditionally involve the use of mice as subjects. According to the plaintiff in a federal district court case, only certain very special mice should be used so that the research breakthroughs will continue to maintain their integrity and reliability. The case is about contracts between research labs and the alleged attempt by one party to breach provisions that preclude the sale of the purchased mice to third parties.

Kalanick signs contracts to divest a large chunk of Uber stock

Business law attorneys in Oregon may often be called on to process sales transactions for the transfer of large blocks of corporate shares in private or public companies. Such transactions may require various contracts and financing terms that experienced professionals will prepare and process. There are countless reasons why an investor or even a high-placed officer will want to sell all or part of his or her stock shares in the company.  

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