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Resolving Regulatory Administrative Investigations

Most professionals are governed by professional organizations. Those professional organizations grant many of our clients the rights to practice in their respective fields. Those same organizations can rip those rights away.

Physicians in Oregon have the Board of Medical Examiners, and dentists in Oregon have the Board of Dentistry. Physicians in Washington have the Department of Health’s Medical Quality Assurance Commission, and dentists in Washington have the Washington State Dental Association’s Dental Quality Assurance Commission. Accountants, architects, engineers, Realtors and, of course, lawyers are governed similarly.

If you come under investigation from a regulatory administrative body that governs your profession, you need an Oregon or Washington attorney on board who knows how to handle these types of cases. They’re unique, and your livelihood literally depends on it.

Yet, often, the seasoned professional will make the mistake of going it alone. While it is possible to represent yourself, you should at least have an experienced Washington or Oregon administrative investigation attorney advising you behind the scenes.

At Slinde Nelson, we understand not only the ins and outs of administrative and professional organization investigations; we also understand the impact they can have on your professional life. Investigations are disruptive and they are stressful. You need someone on your team who can carry the load and allow you to continue to focus on your practice. Most importantly, you need someone who knows how to make sure you don’t lose your right to practice going forward.

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