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12 Reasons Why Outsourced In-House Counsel Is A Good Idea

  1. Supervisory or field sales personnel have access to counsel for on-the-fly contract review or relevant legal questions.
  2. Human resource strategies can be established and closely managed to prevent or minimize liability risk.
  3. Provides hands-on protection of trade secrets, from customer lists to critical competitive information.
  4. A front-line legal specialist who works with management can best implement preventive legal strategies.
  5. Maintain greater control of outside legal expenses by reducing per-hour costs and realize increased economic efficiencies in handling corporate legal overflow.
  6. Tackles issues that would otherwise demand the attention and time of top management.
  7. Helps promote a larger image in your industry.
  8. Provides a responsive, legally trained team member who deals with each transaction, matter or issues with the immediacy and urgency your organization requires.
  9. Implements policies that protect your business and maintain compliance with current statutory requirements.
  10. Legal costs become a predictable budgetary item without the attendant employee costs a full-time counsel would require.
  11. The drafting of contracts and preparation of standardized forms is best accomplished by a team member with intimate knowledge of the structure, goals and culture of the organization.
  12. Supervisory control over entire procedure of contract formation and administration is allowed.

In-house counsel services at Slinde Nelson typically follow one of two tracks for small to midsized enterprises. For companies that outsource legal matters infrequently, our part-time involvement typically includes bundled services tailored to the clients’ needs. These services are designed to mirror those typically provided by law departments of medium to large corporations. The second track is designed to augment the active involvement of outside counsel in day-to-day legal matters for quicker response and generally reduced costs. Read more about our attorneys’ in-house counsel services.

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