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Litigating Contract Disputes In Oregon And Washington

If a contract isn’t binding, and if both parties aren’t duty-bound to adhere to its terms, what’s the point? If you can’t trust that the other party will uphold their end of the contract, how can you confidently follow it yourself?

In brief, you can’t. And that’s why, we at the law firm of Slinde Nelson excel in breach of contract litigation. If you’re involved in a contract dispute, whether as the plaintiff or the defendant, Slinde Nelson can provide the sophisticated, skilled representation you need.

Call 503-567-1234 today to discuss your breach of contract litigation needs. From offices in Portland, Oregon, we serve clients in both Oregon and Washington.

Pursuing An Offensive Advantage

At Slinde Nelson, whether defending or prosecuting, our litigation philosophy is simple — strike smart and fast, and maintain the offensive advantage. A tentative and responsive litigation strategy only accomplishes delayed resolution, whether at trial or by settlement.

The business law attorneys at our firm have handled a variety of contract disputes, including claims involving insurance, construction, franchises, operating agreements, software development, licensing and finance. We are also equipped to handle complex contract disputes involving computerized data analysis.

Helping Clients Level the Playing Field In Business Disputes

It’s a truism that big corporations have big bankrolls. That also equates to them having a lot of legal muscle — many lawyers with ample resources. At Slinde Nelson, in Portland, Oregon, we help clients level the playing field. Our business litigation attorneys have experience:

  • Achieving results. In fact, we have a nearly flawless record.
  • Representing new entrepreneurs and small and mid-sized business
  • Running a high-tech, paperless office
  • Designing and using our own trial presentation software

If you have a claim to bring, we offer a variety of fee arrangements to accommodate your ability to pay. This includes contingency fee options, blended fees, hourly rates and more. For defendants, we offer a straight hourly rate.

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Unfortunately, we can’t give representation to everyone who asks us for it. Call or contact us online to see whether we’re the right law firm for you. We will help explore any concerns you have over license agreements or other types of business disputes.