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Skilled Guidance For Dissolving A Business

Most people enter into a business venture with the best of intentions. But as time goes on, a relationship can sour. One partner wants the business to move in one direction; another wants it to stay the same. When a business dispute becomes irreconcilable, negotiation, mediation or other legal action may be necessary.

If you’re facing litigation for an internal business dispute, we can help. At Slinde Nelson, our attorneys provide entrepreneurs and small to midsized business owners many of the benefits of a large law firm, while maintaining the efficiencies and personal attention of a small firm.

What Are The Issues In Dispute?

Our lawyers handle business disputes involving issues like:

Our litigation department is technologically proficient and cost-effective. Electronic and regular discovery is managed intelligently considering the needs of the case. Matters are scheduled at your convenience. Cases are managed to maximize the return on your litigation investment.

Slinde Nelson — Handling Business Disputes Effectively

Our history of outstanding results is partially derived from our litigator’s ability to sniff out strategic leverage, often finding success when a case might look hopeless at first glance.

For a free initial consultation to find out if our firm is a good fit for you, contact us online or give us a call at 503-567-1234. From offices in Portland, Oregon, we serve clients in both Oregon and Washington.

We do our best to accommodate your ability to pay

Various payment options are available for business litigation, including contingency fees, blended fees, flat fees, hourly fees and more. There may also be other sources available to finance your case until the settlement comes through.