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Insurance Litigation Attorneys

We evaluate and litigate coverage disputes involving commercial insurance, homeowners insurance, malpractice insurance, D&O liability and auto insurance (commercial and personal), as well as claims involving personal injury coverage, advertising injury coverage and self-insurance coverage.

Delivering Sophisticated Service In A High-Tech, Paperless Office

We operate at a level that is usually found only in larger law firms. Our attorneys have a talent for finding strategic leverage in cases — frequently giving our clients strong positions even when at first it appeared otherwise.

We use a unique and effective courtroom presentation system that is proprietary. And we’re very adept in cases involving computer forensics and analysis of digital data.

Defending Self-Insurance Claims For Companies

Self-insurance is a unique beast. If you are part of a self-insured company, you know what that means. Our team of lawyers has a unique approach to advising our clients on whether and how to set up their self-insurance and how to handle claims as they come in.

Self-insurance is a form of risk management that operates as a bet. The bet is that the monetary value of your claims is less than the premiums you pay. It is not right for all companies, but it is a great strategy for some.

Not all self-insurance is created equally. One form of risk might be appropriate for self-insurance in one industry (or for one company within an industry), but wholly inappropriate for another.

If you are in a position where a claim is being made against your company, you need a law firm that knows how to handle these types of cases, and you need a law firm that won’t feed your case into its gigantic billing machine.

The make-or-break moment on your risk management strategy often comes when the self-insured company is faced with a claim or a dispute over a claim. You can’t just hand over the file to an insurance defense law firm and let it handle the case on its dime.

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When you face a claim, you need a defense lawyer with a proven track record of developing a smart, efficient litigation strategy. You need a firm to defend the self-insurance claim that treats your dollars like it would its own.

At Slinde Nelson in Portland, Oregon, we know how to defend claims against your company and we know how to do it efficiently.

Why You Should Choose Slinde Nelson For Your Insurance Dispute

Slinde Nelson is a different sort of law firm. Our attorneys all have experience working in private business prior to their jobs here. We’ve founded, grown, managed and invested in and sold business of our own. We understand the day-to-day pressures you face and we know what you need from an attorney. For example:

  • We provide responsive, personable service for all clients
  • We don’t charge our clients for brief phone calls
  • Our lawyers aren’t subject to aggressive billable hour requirements
  • We don’t “over-lawyer” cases — performing and charging for tasks clients don’t need

If you have an insurance dispute, whether it involves traditional insurance or self-insurance, we can help you. We offer free initial consultations, so you don’t risk anything by looking into our firm. Give us a call at 503-567-1234 or contact us online today. From offices in Portland, Oregon, we serve clients in both Oregon and Washington.