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Strong Advocacy In Securities Litigation

Securities cases are a source of substantial risk for a company and they can be very disruptive to a business’ operations. To get through these difficult cases, your company needs an experienced legal team in whom you can place complete confidence, so you can concentrate on running your day-to-day business.

At Slinde Nelson, based in Portland, Oregon, our lawyers have decades of experience handling high-stakes litigation for securities-issuing companies and their directors and officers. In addition, we assist underwriters and investment advisors when they face complex legal issues.

If you and your company are facing a securities-related legal problem, we can help. Call 503-567-1234.

The Service We Offer

We assist our Portland and Southwest Washington business clients in all aspects of fundraising. The unfortunate reality of that endeavor is that, depending on the type of fundraising involved, disgruntled investors can make a claim for a securities violation. While we take every precaution to protect our business clients against those claims, even the unfounded ones can cost money to defend and may carry with them some quantum of risk to your business. They all carry with them the possible disruption of your day-to-day operations. We handle these potentially high-stakes claims so you can focus on the business of conducting your business.

We also represent investors who were induced by a company into making an investment that turned out to be fraudulent. Our knowledge of securities law and business practices helps us investigate a company’s financial situation and determine whether the company acted appropriately when seeking investments.

Protecting Your Company’s Reputation

Our securities litigation attorneys bring something to the table that many other lawyers do not: actual business experience. We have started, managed, grown and sold companies of our own. As a result, we are equipped with the sort of detailed, firsthand knowledge of the business world that can only come from living in that world. When you hire us, you are hiring a law firm capable of tackling the most complex business litigation issues.

We serve as legal counsel for clients in the Pacific Northwest and across the country in a wide array of securities actions such as:

  • Proceedings before the SEC
  • Litigation resulting from mergers, acquisitions and other battles for corporate control
  • Allegations of securities fraud
  • Shareholder derivative suits involving breach of the fiduciary duties of care or loyalty
  • Investigations by federal and state agencies

We also advise accounting firms and Certified Public Accountants on questions of auditing and securities law. We handle regulatory issues, disputes stemming from bankruptcy reorganizations and litigation over financial statements.

Efficient, Cost-Effective Representation

We understand the serious nature of securities litigation. Our vast experience as attorneys and business owners allows us to quickly get to the heart of a case and resolve it as quickly and favorably as possible. We do not entrust complex matters to new associates and then force the client to pay more fees for us to review their work. Our goal is to help your company move forward, not to maximize our fees at your expense.

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