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Asset Protection And Wealth Management Strategies

You have worked diligently to build a business and accumulate significant assets, so you should have a comprehensive asset protection plan that safeguards your future and your family’s future as well. Slinde Nelson can help you construct a comprehensive asset protection plan that meets your needs and goals.

Our asset protection attorneys work with business owners, doctors and other professionals whose family and business assets may be vulnerable to business creditors or judgment creditors. We are creative and diligent in creating strategies to insulate your assets from creditors and minimize tax liability while avoiding any allegations of impropriety.

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Which Legal Vehicle Is Best For You?

Asset protection is often one of the goals of thorough planning on tax and estate matters. You have many options in this area, and we are well-versed in all of them.

  • Asset protection trusts — There are multiple strategies and structures for protecting your assets through trusts. Some U.S. states allow for a domestic asset protection trust (DAPT), but others do not. We can guide you to a solution that makes sense for your situation and is designed to keep creditors from eating up your assets.
  • LLCs and limited partnerships — Another approach is to form LLCs and limited partnerships (LPs) to protect business assets. You don’t want creditors of one of the shareholders or partners to get at those assets. Our attorneys know how to create structures that will protect your interests for the long term.
  • Offshore trusts — Historically, offshore trusts have been a possible way shield assets from U.S. creditors. This has become more difficult in recent years, however, as the U.S. and other governments have launched aggressive enforcement and compliance initiatives for foreign accounts. We can explain your options.
  • Charitable giving — Making gifts to charities, family members or others is an important tool for wealth transfer. Our attorneys can show you how to proceed to reach your goals.

When Conflicts Arise

No matter which structure you choose, it is important to be prepared to handle conflicts that may arise regarding trusts or other matters.

In disputed cases, we have the litigation skills to vindicate your rights and advance your interests. This includes cases involving possible conflicts of interests or breach of duty by executors or other fiduciaries.

Making Sure You Protect Your Business

Our lawyers conduct detailed examinations for each client, determining what areas of their business could lead to litigation, and therefore the possible loss of business or personal assets. Some of the areas we analyze and take care of are:

  • Employment law issues
  • Intellectual property rights
  • Insurance issues
  • Possible professional malpractice liability
  • Contracts and possible breach of contract litigation

We are committed to helping you not only protect your assets and wealth, but to grow them as well. We formulate plans that are highly individualized, not one-size-fits-all. We want your business to continue to succeed and your family’s future to remain bright.

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