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Protecting Clients’ Interests In Fiduciary Litigation

Are you concerned the executor of your family estate mishandled substantial funds? Do you believe a trustee is not clear about their responsibilities or has simply violated their fiduciary duties? The law firm of Slinde Nelson in Portland, Oregon, offers sound judgment and strategic counsel to help secure your interests.

The estate planning and litigation attorneys at our law firm have substantial experience helping beneficiaries pursue claims against executors and trustees for breach of fiduciary duty. Our law firm also advocates for trustees and executors wrongfully accused of mishandling a trust or an estate. We are committed to helping our clients preserve the original intentions of a trust or will through maintaining the offensive advantage.

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Securing Clients’ Interests In Breach Of Fiduciary Duty Claims

Executors and trustees have the fiduciary duty to manage an estate and act in the best interests of the beneficiaries. They are responsible to remain loyal and provide strategic solutions without becoming emotionally involved. When fiduciaries fail to make decisions with complete honesty and integrity, they put beneficiaries at great risk.

At Slinde Nelson, our lawyers have an extensive background holding fiduciaries accountable for making poor decisions and committing fraud for their advantage. The attorneys at our firm have also handled claims when fiduciaries simply overstepped their boundaries with an unclear understanding of their responsibilities. We have the skills and tenacity to secure your interests in breach of fiduciary duty claims, involving:

  • Poorly handled assets in a will or trust
  • Denied payments for personal benefit
  • Executing decisions in conflict with the beneficiaries’ best interest
  • Failure to distribute funds to beneficiaries in a timely manner

The attorneys at our law firm consult professional executors and trustees to develop compelling legal arguments, complete with expert testimony. We work with them to uncover a breach of fiduciary duty in estate litigation. Our legal team also aggressively advocates for executors and trustees wrongfully accused of breaching their fiduciary duty.

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