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Comprehensive Estate And Tax Law Services

Managing your assets and creating an effective estate plan can seem a daunting task. You want to protect your assets and make sure they are distributed to your loved ones when the time comes. The more complex your assets, the more difficult this becomes. High net worth estate planning requires an extensive understanding of tax law, asset protection strategies and estate planning devices. The sooner you take steps to protect your interests and the interests of your loved ones, the sooner you will have the peace of mind that comes with having your long-term affairs in order.

Our lawyers offer comprehensive estate planning solutions. We have founded, managed, sold and invested in businesses of their own. We appreciate what it takes to protect a legacy years in the making. We can give you the tax planning and estate law guidance you need to achieve your estate planning goals.

What Type Of Estate Plan Do You Need To Reach Your Goals?

Your tax liability when transferring wealth can vary significantly, depending on how the transfer is accomplished. The right estate plan can reduce the tax value of your estate and preserve more assets for your beneficiaries. The right plan for you depends on your unique needs and concerns. Our attorneys take the time to learn about your family dynamics, your goals and the individuals you want to include as beneficiaries in your estate plan. This allows us to craft a plan to meet your needs. The right plan for you should cover a variety of issues, including:

Our legal team will look at opportunities to help you take advantage of tax deductions and other devices to accomplish your goals. We offer a hands-on approach to identify solutions in the best interests of your family and professional career.

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