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Effective Legal Counsel In Trust Disputes

Trust administration involves distributing assets to beneficiaries pursuant to a trust agreement. Distributions can be made during the grantor’s (creator of the trusts) lifetime and/or after his or her death. Likewise, objections as to why or how assets are transferred, sold or disposed of can be raised by beneficiaries and interested parties during the grantor’s lifetime or after the grantor’s death.

Resolving High-Asset Trust Or Probate Disputes

Slinde Nelson provides legal counsel and representation to clients throughout Oregon and Washington who wish to contest a trust or uphold and enforce its validity. Oregon and Washington high-asset trust litigation attorney Nicholas J. Slinde has the experience and knowledge necessary to provide clients with the sophisticated counsel and representation they need when disputes arise concerning the administration and/or interpretation of high net worth trusts or estates.

Mismanagement of estate or trust assets of a high net worth can mean that the value of the estate or trust is greatly depreciated or lost. At Slinde Nelson, we recognize the importance of asset protection in high net worth estates and trusts, whether that entails proper estate planning, close monitoring of how assets are used or managed when a close friend or family member is granted a power of attorney or appointed as trustee, or upholding the intentions of trust instruments through trust litigation. Our firm is dedicated to serving your needs and the needs of your family in trust contests and other high asset probate litigation.

What Type Of Dispute Are You Facing?

Slinde Nelson provides skilled advice and representation in trust disputes involving:

  • Joint account assets that were wrongfully transferred into the trust
  • Failure of a trustee to properly invest or diversify investment of trust assets
  • Distributions made by the grantor when he or she lacked the mental capacity to do so
  • Gifts made to a caregiver, family member or friend through undue influence
  • Late-in-life changes made in successor beneficiary designations, particularly to a caregiver or nonfamily member

Challenges to a trust instrument or to distributions made by a trustee can be made due to fraud, undue influence/duress, breach of fiduciary duty, lack of mental capacity and other statutorily defined grounds. It is important to work with a lawyer who is experienced building a case to pursue or challenge trust contests on these grounds.

Taking Action

Not only does Oregon trust litigation attorney Nicholas J. Slinde have comprehensive knowledge of the applicable laws, he also has the keen business sense and financial understanding to handle trust litigation involving complex real estate holdings, business interests, investments and other financial holdings.

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