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Business Attorneys To Handle Transactions

Written contracts should govern every business relationship. So what goes into an “air-tight” contract?

At Slinde Nelson, we understand our clients want to stay on task with the important matters of the day. Our contracts are drafted with best practices — in plain English, without ambiguity, efficiently addressing possible contingencies effectively.

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Avoid Costly Distractions

Experienced business owners know that litigation and disputes are time consuming and costly. A well-written contract can be the best insurance money can buy.

The breadth and depth of business experience shared by our lawyers is second to none. We know how important this is to business owners, because our lawyers have run businesses themselves. We know what contracts should and should not include, and we know how to draft them.

Put Our Business Experience To Work For You

At Slinde Nelson, in Portland, Oregon, we know firsthand how to run a business. Our law firm includes attorneys who have worked inside of businesses as either owners or counsel. We are a highly experienced business law firm committed to minimizing your exposure to legal or financial implications through offering comprehensive solutions for:

Our business is to understand your business. Our goal is to structure and pursue legal and business strategies that don’t just prevent problems or maintain compliance — we want to help you advance your business goals.

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