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Protecting Your Interests On The Ground And In The Cloud

Flying into the Cloud, you can go blind. The fast-paced business and legal issues in the Cloud that you must pay attention to are different from those down there on the hard drive: migration, platform standards, interoperability, financial viability (remember Coghead?), mobility, new UX and UI models, issues raised by global deployment, public/private/hybrid clouds, data security…. The list goes on and on, as vast as the sky, because the model is really that far removed from traditional licensing models.

It’s Happening, And Fast

Enterprise wide — providers, vendors and customers — a migration from the hard drive to the Cloud is taking shape at a near-supersonic rate. But it isn’t uncharted airspace. We’ve seen the safe harbors and the pitfalls for years — and we know where the missiles are to avoid.

In New Frontiers, Experience Matters

If you haven’t yet figured out just how different Software as a Service really is — if you’re wondering how to begin a Cloud computing initiative — then call us at Slinde Nelson.

We’re a law firm with offices in Portland, Oregon and we’ve been working with the Cloud for years. One of us was playing in the Cloud as a co-founder of Worldvoice as far back as 1999. We have a depth of experience in technology far unlike most business attorneys. In all probability, our clients receive just as much practical business advice as legal advice.

It’s interesting to watch others positioning themselves to lay claim as experts in Cloud computing. The fact is, we’ve been working in the Cloud for years, observing the sea change from the beginning. SaaS, or Software as a Service, has its own legal issues unique from traditional licensing models. So how can one be an expert if one hasn’t been actively working in it for over 10 years?

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