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Exploring Your Options For Debt Collection

Creditors have several remedies when it comes to collecting outstanding accounts. Granted, these are often easier said than done. Working with a reputable law firm that has a record of successful results can go a long way toward advocating for your rights as a creditor and recovering delinquent accounts.

This is precisely what we do at the Portland firm of Slinde Nelson. As a law firm staffed with business attorneys, we understand the importance of swift and cost-efficient collections enforcement. We are well-versed in the options available to you. We can determine which methods suit your needs, then execute a comprehensive collections strategy in compliance with the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act.

Common Methods Of Collection For Creditors

Self-help remedies are typically the first step in the collections process. Creditors can take it upon themselves to contact the debtor to request payment. Granted, there are restrictions in place to prevent the harassment of debtors. Before proceeding to court, a creditor may have the option to use replevin or attachment to take back any property to which they hold title.

When these methods do not succeed, it is time to turn to court-based remedies. Winning a judgment against a debtor allows for the use of many other methods, such as wage garnishment, asset seizure and liens.

Experienced Service For Secured Creditors

As a reputable business and corporate law firm, our lawyers counsel Oregon’s secured creditors and lenders in creating and perfecting their interests through secured transactions. We know the many tricks that some debtors use to evade payment of delinquent accounts, including changing their name or location and transferring collateral. While exploring every remedy available, we also prioritize recovering the maximum value at the lowest cost.

Enforce Your Rights With Our Help

Creditors must walk a fine line between enforcing their rights and complying with consumer law regulations. We understand this balance because we have successfully navigated it so many times. Reach out to Slinde Nelson today to discuss representation for your needs as a creditor. To reach our office, call 503-567-1234 or send us an email.