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Strong Advocacy For Employers

As business owners, we all know that we can’t do anything without our employees. Locking down top talent is critical to the success of any business. Well-thought-out and well-drafted employee contracts can keep the employee happy and the employer safe. Protecting trade secrets and putting in place the proper noncompetition and nonsolicitation provisions can provide clarity to both employer and employee. With clarity comes less room for an employment lawsuit in Oregon or Washington.

The employment relationship is not static. It is continually shifting, and that’s why it is important to look back at your contracts with key employees from time to time to make sure they’re still relevant and applicable.

Strategic Employment Advice To Minimize Future Liabilities

Hiring and firing decisions are emotional and difficult. We always advise our business law clients that feelings will get hurt but lawsuits are preventable. We offer our clients flat-fee and reduced rate employment advice to help prevent them from ever having to meet with our team of Washington employment litigation attorneys to file lawsuits.

Qualified Counsel If Employment Disputes Arise

Ambiguity and stale contracts lead to employment lawsuits. But even the most well-drafted contract can’t completely avoid lawsuits.

We handle the following types of Washington employment litigation for both employers and employees:

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At Slinde Nelson, our team of experienced Seattle employee dispute attorneys has successfully handled countless Washington employment law cases for our business clients.

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