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Effective Counsel For Discrimination Or Harassment Claims

Ours is a country founded on bedrock principles. Freedom to pursue one’s career is chief among them. When an employee’s rights have been violated, we help that employee find justice — and we firmly believe that, in the long run, it is good for both employees and employers. Few employment attorneys in town can deliver that message like we can.

Slinde Nelson is a business law firm, not a plaintiffs side mill. That means we are uniquely positioned to resolve meritorious employment discrimination and harassment claims for wrongly treated employees. Why? Because we understand that equal opportunity in the workplace is important for both employees and employers. And we practice what we preach every day. We tell our business clients all the time: If you have a discriminatory actor in your workplace, find that person, correct the behavior and make it right with the employee. The employer and employee need not always be at odds in that scenario. A discrimination-free workplace is good for employer and employee, because no company can survive in the long run with a toxic work environment.

Slinde Nelson has a reputation for being on the right side of employment disputes. We are a business law firm, not a plaintiffs side mill. When it comes to getting your case resolved, that matters. We know business and other firms know and respect us. If your claim is frivolous, we’re not the firm for you. If your claim is strong, there isn’t a better firm than Slinde Nelson to help resolve your employment discrimination or harassment claim.

When the claim is meritorious, we represent plaintiffs in vindicating their rights, because it’s the right thing to do. We understand quality discrimination claims because we have been on both sides of the table. We represent employers in defending against frivolous claims and we represent employees in enforcing meritorious claims. That is something truly unique and that is something that can bring serious value to your case if you’ve been wrongfully terminated for a legally prohibited, discriminatory reason.

Because we’ve been on both sides of the table, employers, their attorneys and their insurance companies know us. They respect us. They know we are a business firm, not a plaintiffs mill. They know we don’t bring frivolous claims. They know we take the rights of both the employer and employee seriously — and if one is acting unlawfully, they know we will not rest until we correct the wrong.

Unlike many firms in town that only work for employee plaintiffs, we’ve been on both sides of the table. And that means we know what employers look for. We know where employers hide secrets. We know when to tell you that it is time to settle your case.

Were You Mistreated At Work?

If you’ve been mistreated in the workplace or even terminated under any of the following scenarios, please call us for a free legal consultation:

  • Employment discrimination
  • Sexual harassment
  • Hostile work environment
  • Racial discrimination
  • Gender discrimination
  • Age discrimination
  • Religious discrimination
  • Ethnicity or nationality discrimination
  • Sexual orientation discrimination

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