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Operate Your Food, Beverage Or Cannabis Business With Knowledge And Confidence

Business owners have many legal issues to take care of related to their planned or existing food, beverage and cannabis enterprises. Questions about federal and state laws, local regulations, labor, zoning, taxation, Covid-related safety measures and much more often lead to a decision to contact an attorney. This is commendable, and the sooner, the better. It is far easier to prevent legal problems than to solve them when disputes and difficulties escalate.

At Slinde Nelson in Portland, we provide comprehensive guidance and representation in a wide range of areas pertaining to our clients’ restaurants, wholesale food businesses, breweries and distilleries, to name some prominent examples.

Legal Problems We Address For Clients And Their Food, Beverages And Cannabis Businesses

Successful restaurants, food processing companies, grocery outlets and other food-related businesses are some of our clients that rely on our knowledge about the following:

  • Food safety rules and regulations
  • Restaurant inspections
  • Worker management
  • Preventing contamination
  • Permits and licenses

Legal compliance in the preparation, storage and serving of beverages is of concern for all who handle and serve both alcoholic and nonalcoholic drinks, including:

  • Storage and serving of drinks that must be refrigerated to stay safe
  • Transport, storage, sales, and serving of wine, beer and hard liquor
  • Alcoholic beverage sales training
  • Liquor licenses
  • Enforcement and compliance
  • Rules and permits for new and longstanding breweries and craft distilleries

Cannabis businesses may include growers and venders of medicinal or recreational marijuana and derivative products, such as CBD oil. The U.S. government, Washington and Oregon each have distinct laws governing the possession, management, sales and consumption of pot and cannabis products. As you are reviewing your options, you can take a shortcut through the many rules and regulations pertaining to cannabis production, distribution and consumption by consulting with a lawyer at Slinde Nelson. When answering your questions, we may advise you as follows:

  • The federal government outlaws the cultivation and distribution of marijuana. Our law firm does not take a stand on legislation. We do not condone the violation of any laws.
  • We do, however, interpret state and local laws on these substances in light of our clients’ goals and concerns.
  • We advise cannabis business owners as we do all other business owners on issues such as licensing, financing, commercial leases, government relations, litigation and legislative lobbying.

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