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Get Customized Legal Counsel For Your Distillery Business Operations

Starting, operating or expanding a distillery business in Oregon or Washington is not rocket science, but it is an endeavor filled with potential pitfalls. Laws and regulations at various levels of government are detailed and specific in both states. At the same time, a successful operation can be quite lucrative as well as enhancing to communities seeking to encourage thriving business climates.

At Slinde Nelson, we aim to free up distillery owners and entrepreneurs to apply their skills and make the best spirits they can while our lawyers watch out for their legal requirements and challenges.

Understanding The Authorities Involved And How To Do Business Right

In Oregon, you may apply for distillery licenses according to the rules of the Oregon Liquor and Cannabis Commission (OLCC). In Washington, the Washington State Liquor Control and Cannabis Board sets the rules. In either state, you are more likely to get the licenses and permits that you need efficiently with the help of an experienced business law attorney with knowledge of distillery, brewery and winery laws and processes.

Our lawyers can streamline the process of approval for certain activities that you have in mind, such as:

  • Providing tastes but not drinks of distilled liquor
  • Selling factory-sealed containers of distilled liquor directly to retail consumers
  • Obtaining special event distillery licenses

To acquire a license to run an Oregon or Washington-based distillery, to adhere to advertising rules or to devise the training that your employees will need to receive, turn to a knowledgeable distillery law attorney at Slinde Nelson. We are eager to get you on the road to success.

Schedule A Consultation With A Business Lawyer Who Knows What You Need

Quite a few of our attorneys have owned and operated businesses. We are well versed in the laws, rules and regulations that pertain to food, beverage and cannabis operations in Oregon and Washington. We welcome your inquiry and are ready to help you get your legal business in alignment with your profitability goals.

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