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Effective Guidance On Government Contracting

At Slinde Nelson, our government contracting law procurement practice is comprehensive. We serve clients nationwide and worldwide, contracting and coordinating with federal and state agencies, nongovernmental organizations (NGOs) and foreign sovereigns.

The first task once you have found a potential contract is to understand the requirements and formulate a competitive bid. We can provide necessary legal and regulatory interpretation as well as prepare or collaborate on the request for proposals. We negotiate and litigate when necessary, with contractors and subcontractors, as well as the government agency. But consistent with our firm philosophy, we litigate only with your business needs in mind.

If you are not awarded the contract, a bid protest may be in order. We know the process and we how to navigate it.

What Type Of Contract Issue Do You Need Help With?

We handle a range of government contracting issues:

  • Federal acquisition regulation (FAR) compliance
  • Contract claims and disputes
  • Contract compliance
  • Change orders and scope changes
  • Prompt-payment matters
  • U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) problems
  • Ethics and contract compliance
  • False claims
  • International contracting
  • Requests for equitable adjustment
  • Post-performance audits and investigations

Get The Help You Need To Take Action

Should you face an investigation or allegations of fraud, defective pricing, false claims, ethics violations or defective performance, we will defend you and your contractual rights.

Given the complex nature of fighting for, obtaining, performing and keeping government contracts and what is at stake, you need an attorney you can get on the phone and discuss the issues with. At Slinde Nelson, we do not pass cases off to inexperienced associates and double- or triple-charge for a review of their work. Our referral lists, retention rates, testimonials and client surveys indicate that we’re certainly doing something right.

To arrange a confidential, no-cost consultation, call 503-567-1234 or contact us online.