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Resolving Insurance Issues For Medical Providers

If you provide medical services, then the bottom line is this: insurers pay you. Naturally, it’s important to have a shared understanding with them. More importantly, you need to stay on equal terms so that the balance of power in your relationship doesn’t tip too far in their direction.

At Slinde Nelson, in Portland, Oregon, our health care lawyers assist health care providers in the fine art of negotiating successful contracts with health care insurance providers and payors, focusing on the terms that are most important to physicians and other providers. Our experience with insurers helps to level the playing field for our clients.

Do You Need Help Dealing With Insurers?

We’ve witnessed a disturbing trend: Doctors have historically had seats on certain governing panels of medical insurance companies. This allows their voices to be accounted for when making policy decisions. Recently, they have increasingly been excluded from these boards, and the insurance company’s reasoning isn’t particularly clear.

Slinde Nelson was founded by attorneys with direct experience in the business world. We bring a congenial, entrepreneurial spirited approach to all our interactions with our clients.

We also understand the daily pressures you face in trying to run your clinic and treat your patients. For that reason, we provide a wide variety of services to physicians and other medical services providers.

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