Outsourcing Your In-House Counsel

It’s good for your business to have a long-term, working relationship with an attorney. Though in some ways it’s preferable to have a lawyer in-house, at many businesses there isn’t enough legal work to justify employing a full-time attorney.

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What Are The Ongoing Legal Issues For Your Business?

For that reason, we act as in-house legal counsel for small and midsized businesses. These services involve handling day-to-day issues like:

We follow one of two tracks when providing in-house legal counsel to small and midsized businesses. For companies that outsource legal matters infrequently, our part-time involvement typically includes bundled services tailored to the clients’ needs. These services are designed to mirror those provided by law departments of medium to large corporations.

The second track is designed to augment the active involvement of outside counsel in day-to-day legal matters for quicker response and generally reduced costs.

Is “outsourced in-house counsel” right for your business? Probably.

12 Reasons Why In-House Counsel is a Good Idea

You Decide The Scope And Nature Of These Services

The scope of this service is decided entirely by the client. We will configure a unique arrangement to fit your particular situation. For example, some clients retain us for 20 hours a month. Others engage us to work only on specific projects.

In every case, our services are enhanced by the fact that our attorneys have real business experience — not just in business law. We have experience operating our own businesses, and we’ve even had experience hiring corporate counsel.

We entered the practice of law with a clear idea of what our clients need from us — reasonable billing practices, prompt answers to phone calls, a generally enjoyable mode of practice. And we provide more than just legal counsel for small and midsized businesses. We can give business advice, too. Our success is apparent in our results and client testimonials.

If you’d like to discuss your particular business issues and determine whether we would be a good match to provide in-house legal counsel for your small or midsized business, give us a call or complete the brief online form.

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