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Skilled Counsel On Finance And Business Strategy

Academic knowledge is vital to solid legal advice. When combined with real-world experience, the resulting business advice can be invaluable.

Outside the practice of law, our attorneys founded, managed, nurtured, grew, bought, sold and invested in businesses of their own. Given that experience, we offer much more than mere legal opinions and ironclad contracts.

At Slinde Nelson, we’re many of our clients’ most trusted advisers. We give our clients experienced counsel relating to the deals they strike and the relationships they build on a daily basis and help guide them through the maze of growth opportunities — and traps — to get to the next level.

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How Can We Help You? Here’s How.

Our clients leverage our business experience and breadth of contacts to:

  • Make key fundraising introductions
  • Provide key vendor and customer introductions to a variety of clients, including media services, technology (software, hardware and mobile), manufacturing, transportation, and import/export
  • Restructure debt and execute earn-out strategies
  • Provide CEO services in strategizing corporate growth and business development
  • Prepare corporate assets for sale
  • Act as sales catalyst through identifying untapped channels, building distribution partnerships and taking new products to market

Put Our Business Experience To Work For You

At Slinde Nelson, we know firsthand how to run a business. Our law firm includes attorneys who have worked inside of businesses as either owners or counsel. We are a highly experienced business law firm committed to helping your business grow.

Our business is to understand your business — and to help you advance your business goals.

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