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Savvy Legal Guidance On Social Media Law

While traditional law firms scramble to form a committee to research the possibility of forming a social media law department, we have one. And we get it. We get the business objectives, we get the platform and we keep up on the law.

The past decade has seen an explosion in social media. Ten years ago, the term did not even exist outside a small cadre of connected tech folks in pockets like Silicon Valley.

Websites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and others have opened up new forms of communication used by millions every day. Social media is a revolutionary international phenomenon, and it raises a wide variety of legal questions. Because the industry is so new, so is the law.

How do I play effective offense?

How do you spread your business message online without exposing yourself to liability? How do you describe your services without facing a bogus contract lawsuit? Can you state your opinion without it drawing the ire of competitors? What disclaimers do I need on my site?

How do I play defense?

Foremost for companies of all sizes is their reputation. Increasingly, that reputation can be affected by online bloggers and social media posts. Aside from potential libel litigation, how can you monitor and protect your reputation? Sophisticated use of these media by companies can head off disparagement and other dangers.

Theft of data and intellectual property are additional concerns. What rights do you have to content and information you encounter? And what rights do you have to protect what is yours?

Your employees want to use social media, even during working hours, and in some respects and in some industries, employers want to encourage responsible use of social media. What is the best policy for you to institute to avoid reduced productivity and protect information and your systems?

Even questions of criminal law may arise when sites are used for intimidation, stalking and theft of information.

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