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Benefiting From Venture Capital And Angel Investors

The Pacific Northwest is a hotbed for new businesses of all kinds. For these emerging companies, cash is king. They must be able to raise money when they need it, quickly and efficiently. As an entrepreneur seeking private investors, you need a law firm with extensive investor contacts and vast experience dealing with venture capitalists and angel investors.

Slinde Nelson is that kind of business law firm. We represent both startup businesses seeking investment and venture capital firms who are looking for companies in which to invest. Our lawyers are also business people, who have founded, managed, sold and invested in businesses of their own. We have well-established relationships with investors and we regularly put our clients in contact with them.

Our lawyers are ready to help you find the funding you need. Call us at 503-567-1234 for a free initial consult.

Finding Funding For Your New Business: Family, Friends, Angels And Venture Capitalists

Generally, funding is one of the most important steps in the early stages of any business. Preparing for it and documenting everything properly is critical and requires the guidance of an experienced attorney. At our firm, we know what it’s like raising money for a business because we’ve done it ourselves.

In addition to an entrepreneur’s own money, if any, there are generally three possible sources of funding available to someone starting a new company.

  • Family and friends: Founders of a business often borrow money from friends and family to start their business venture. Usually, the amount available is relatively small, but still enough to allow the business to sustain itself in its early developmental stages.
  • Angel investors: These are affluent individuals who provide capital to startups in exchange for an interest in the company. Because family and friends may only provide a few hundred thousand dollars, and because most venture capitalists won’t invest in companies under $1 or $2 million, angel investors are an excellent source of “gap filling” capital. They can provide the second round of financing and get you to the venture capital stage.
  • Venture capital: For companies with a lot of growth potential, venture capital funding may be available. A VC firm invests in a company and often supplies not only money, but technical and managerial expertise as well. VCs invest only in companies that meet their strict requirements, and we can help you present your business in the best possible light.

We help business owners make contacts with investors, present their businesses to them and secure the capital they need. Our extensive network of business contacts and our excellent reputation as a business law firm work to the advantage of our clients in all kinds of business transactions.

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