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An Introduction To Our Business Law Firm

Slinde Nelson is not a firm of general practitioners. We are business lawyers. We are real estate lawyers. That’s all we do. And we do it well.

What makes a great business attorney? It takes understanding business, not just the law. It takes focusing on a client’s objectives and crafting a strategy with a laser focus. And it takes executing on that strategy.

We know why these things matter to our clients. Many of the lawyers at Slinde Nelson started, built and sold businesses of their own. We were on your side of the table as clients. We have seen our own attorneys focused on the time they care about – the billable hour, instead of the time business owners care about. Business owners care about the time it takes to get their problem resolved and get them back to focusing on their business. They care about their attorney’s ability to help them close a deal, not raise roadblocks and eat up hours.

Slinde Nelson is a firm that was built on purpose. We are made up of attorneys who worked at the largest law firms in town or were in-house counsel to large corporations. We came together to provide top-notch legal service with a different core mission. The quality of work is the same. The delivery is different. The focus is disruptive and groundbreaking.

Our mission is to help you achieve your business goals with your time in mind, not ours.

What this is is simple. This is business law done differently.