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A Firm for the Pacific Northwest

When a team of experienced business lawyers formed Slinde Nelson, the business community took note. With experienced lawyers licensed in Oregon and Washington, we now have a firm that provides the Pacific Northwest with the skills of a large firm and the personal service of a small firm.

Our roots are firmly planted in the Pacific Northwest. Many of our attorneys are Washington or Oregon natives, or they have been educated in the region. Moreover, many of us have been active participants in the vibrant business communities of both states, buying, selling, starting and running companies of our own.

When you need advice on any business law issue in Washington or Oregon, you can count on us for guidance. To find out more, call us at 503-567-1234.

Why Our Regional Practice Matters

As a businessperson, when you have a legal issue, you need attorneys who understand the dynamics of the place where your business is located. Some things that are true in Oregon may not be true in Washington, and vice versa. For example, the procedures for forming a business are subtly different in both states, and we are well aware of the effects these differences have on entrepreneurs. We know the laws of both states, and we work with them every day.

Not only do we understand the business climate of the region, we understand its people. After all, this place is our home as well. This understanding is exceedingly useful when a case goes to trial. One of the most important phases of business litigation is jury selection. We understand that a Seattle jury will think differently than a Corvallis jury, that the Portland jury pool is different than the Kennewick jury pool. From Seattle to Vancouver, Portland to Salem or Corvallis, Seaside to Bend, we know the Pacific Northwest, and we know its people. We know how to prosecute a case wherever your business or family is located, and we have the large city experience necessary to understand the complex issues.

Our practice areas cover a vast array of legal subjects. We are ready to provide you with the aggressive, knowledgeable representation you need, whether you are in Oregon, Washington or anywhere in the U.S.

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