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Effective Help With Commercial Leasing And Property Management

We are confident you will not find another law firm in town that is able to deliver the level of effectiveness and responsiveness that Slinde Nelson‘s commercial real estate practice provides. We understand that commercial leasing and property management is a business based on timing. When an issue bubbles up, the first hours are critical. You need a resolution and you need one quickly, or you may not get one at all.

You need a law firm that knows your business, knows your property and knows what it’s doing. You need someone who knows that a long-term relationship means a phone call here and there. It does not mean billing you for a three-hour memo when what you really need – all you really need – is a five-minute phone call and a game plan.

That is the difference between our commercial property law practice and what you are probably used to from our large-firm counterparts.

We are attorneys who left large firms to do something different. We are small on purpose. We are nimble, we can react quickly and we can get creative.

Simply stated, Slinde Nelson is your partner in establishing reliable and profitable lease agreements. We know the property markets in the Seattle and Portland areas. When trouble arises, we can counsel and represent you in negotiation and litigation or alternative dispute resolution. We can advise you at every step, from drafting to enforcement to termination.

Whether in commercial, industrial, retail or office property, it is the sheer number of issues that can crop up on either side of a lease that require experience, knowledge and great thoroughness in drafting leases. We avoid the vague terms and ambiguities that can lead to disputes. We know the many problems that can arise, and we take them into account.

You have probably heard that before. What you probably have not heard and almost certainly have not experienced is a law firm telling you and delivering on a central philosophy: Slinde Nelson is a firm that makes deals, not breaks them. We determine the terms that are important to you, we negotiate for them and we close the deal. We do not create issues just to keep billing. We close your deal and wait for the next one.

What Leasing And Property Management Issues Are You Facing?

Here are just some of the issues that require attention and dispute resolution:

  • Parking allotments, leases and restrictions
  • Utilities: single unit paid by usage versus uniform payments for all units
  • Lease audits and disputes over early lease terminations
  • Insurance issues of commercial landlords and tenants
  • Repairs and maintenance of individual housing or commercial units, and in common areas
  • Reviewing policies, procedures, assignments and amendments
  • Disputes over options and renewal terms
  • Unlawful detainer actions, evictions, abandonment
  • Regular rent collection and collection of rent arrearages

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Our lawyers have founded, managed, sold and invested in businesses of our own. We have been on the other side of the table, and we know what we wanted when we were there. That is the standard we strive to live up to every day.

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